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Company C, 3rd Battalion,
12th Special Forces Group, Airborne



Welcome to the C/3/12 news page.  Here, you can find website updates as well as news regarding C/3/12 or its personnel.  If you have a relevant story or information that should be listed here, contact the webmaster or LTC Elton Johnson.


15DEC11:   Added a link to the ShadowSpear website, loaded with current SOF news, plus lots of other good stuff - check it out! - C312admin.


08NOV11:   Added a long overdue link to the excellent site over at Professional Soldiers. Probably everything you need to know about Special Forces or Special Forces training can be found here - a "must see" if you have any kind of interest in SF. - C312admin.


25DEC10:   Merry Christmas! Added a video of Barry Sadler singing his famous "Ballad Of The Green Beret" on the C312 homepage - you can't go wrong with that song! Sad note to report: We recently learned that former unit member Burton Miller passed away in 2007. RIP to Burton and belated condolences from the C312 community to his family.- C312admin.


30AUG10:   Added "The Green Berets" Powerpoint slide show containing some pretty cool pics to the download section. - C312admin.


15MAY10:   Added link to the Veterans of Special Forces website - check it out! - C312admin.


20DEC09:   Season's greetings! Added link to Paul Avallone's website loaded with Afghanistan info. - C312admin.


11NOV09:   Happy Veterans Day! Added a link to the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team, plus an Excel spreadsheet with SFA chapters around the world, and a PDF of the last stand of Recon Team Kansas (RT Kansas) to the download section. - C312admin.


22AUG09:   Created 'News' page, added album #2 to 'Operations' section of the unit scrapbook. - C312admin.














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Iraq action.


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