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Company C, 3rd Battalion,
12th Special Forces Group, Airborne




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Gone With The Wind

MSG Robert "Skip" Baker started the "Gone with The Wind" award in 1986.

SGT Dan Meyers, a Ranger and Operation Urgent Fury (Greneda) veteran, was a new member of C/3/12.  MSG Baker informed SGT Meyers it was not necessary to attend his first drill due to an administrative error that would prevent him from being paid for the drill.

SGT Meyers was adament about attending the drill and stated his intention to attend anyway.  The first day of drill (Saturday), it was raining heavily and buses were ready to depart for training at Camp Pendelton, even though SGT Meyers had still not arrived yet.

SFC Baker looked down the road and saw SGT Meyers running with a fully-loaded rucksack and a bicycle on one shoulder.   "What on earth happened to you?" SFC Baker asked.  SGT Meyers replied, still huffing and puffing:

"I got up in plenty of time to get to the unit, but when I went to start my car, I found the battery was dead.  I put on my rucksack, got on my bicycle and started riding in when it started to rain.  I would have made it to the unit in time for formation too, but four miles from the unit, my front tire blew.  I had to pick up the bike and run it in to get to the unit in time."  

SGT Meyers display of devotion was the inspiration for this award.  The award's name came from the movie "Gone With The Wind" made famous for the line: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"

Eligibility for this award was open to any member of C/3/12 who displayed outstanding inititive and selfless devotion to the unit throughout the year.  The recipient was determined by vote of the unit's full-time personnel.

Past recipients of the unit's Gone With The Wind Award:


1986   SGT Dan Meyers
1987   2LT Elton Johnson
1988   CPT Perry Blackburn
1989   1LT Jeffrey Carr & SSG Cliff Armas
1991   CPL David Thomas
1992   CPL John McNeely








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