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Company C, 3rd Battalion,
12th Special Forces Group, Airborne



Welcome to C312.com, the official site of Company C, 3rd Battalion, 12th Special Forces Group.  The purpose of the site is to serve as a historical archive of C/3/12 and to be a point of contact for unit members and friends of the unit.  Additionally, it serves as an educational and unclassified portal showing some of the ways a Special Forces unit operates.

The unit was deactivated in 1994.   C/3/12 SFG(A) was located at the AFRC (Armed Forces Reserve Center) in Los Alamitos, California.  Due to the unique geographical nature of Southern California, C/3/12 members could travel to a variety of training environments within relatively short amounts of time.  Whether a 2 hour drive by truck or in-flight rigging in a C-130, C/3/12 trained in rugged, austere environments on a regular basis. 100+ degree deserts, snow-capped high-altitude mountains, or the Pacific Ocean, C/3/12 was there.

Roger Johnson maintains and updates a list of all unit members and their contact info.  Please contact Roger at sgmjudge@aol.com.

If you have any stories or pictures of C/3/12 please send them to us.  Those with information, pics, or stories about the unit are encouraged to contribute whatever they may have.

The C/3/12 forum is up and running.  The forum is open to unit members and  anyone with an interest in the unit or special forces as well.

Send all stories/pictures/inquiries regarding C/3/12 to the webmaster or to
LTC Elton Johnson (site owner).

Feel free to take a look around and hope you enjoy your stay.

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